About Us

Welcome to Florettemed!

We are a local, family owned business committed to providing high quality new, used and refurbished veterinary equipment and servicing at an incredible price.

We are dedicated to making sure every service experience our clients have will be one that meets their needs and leaves them very satisfied so this year we’ve launched our Anesthesia servicing with a mission to bring you high quality, affordable servicing.

Here at Florettemed, we also have high standards when it comes to the quality and efficiency of our veterinary equipment. That's why our equipment is curated and serviced by our engineer whose impressive resume boasts more than 25 years of experience.

However, being customer oriented, we understand your money is valuable and deserves to be spent carefully so it is our utmost priority to ensure our customers get the best deals. Quality products and excellent service at a price you’ll love. That's a Florettemed promise. For more information, take a minute to stop by our website, or give us a friendly call.


The Florettemed Family